Interest in Antorus

With 7.3 dropping last month and Blizzcon on the way next month with promises of an upcoming expansion, there is a lot going on in game right now that has maybe held your attention. Or, maybe you find Argus exhausting and a bit boring and grinding away AP to get an RNG based weapon trait, so you’ve taken to leveling alts like I have. Seriously, I’m so glad I waited to level many of my true-alts. I can’t do Argus day in and day out… and even running Cata dungeons is a nice way to take the edge off.

636607However, it still seems like not too long ago, we were hopping through the front door of Sargeras’s tomb and killing Goroth (with surprising ease for most of us, I’m sure). And then maybe Mistress gave you a flat slap in the face. And then Avatar chuckled while you tried to DPS him and he just gobbled up the Maiden and consumed all her health and you found yourself falling through the floor and suddenly back up to 50% health. And then you maybe got to KJ and your healers yelped helplessly as the black shrouded you in Intermission 2 and you just flat out died in the dark on your own. Blizzard literally made you die alone in the dark. Thanks for that, guys.

And I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t wait to leave Tomb, and the last time I see KJ’s red terror of a face will be among the best moments of Legion so far. The fact of the matter is that Tomb has not been fun for me. Maybe this is because I started researching and learning it crazy early to make sure we were prepared (ha ha yes prepared, Illidan yadda yadda yadda) going in, and so my interest in it has waned quicker than some. But, I think overall, even as I was organizing, highlighting and writing notes in shorthand in the margins of my boss printouts (shut up, don’t judge me), I sort of knew I wasn’t going to be big on ToS. An army of forgettable demons once more knocking on Azeroth’s door, fel flecked floors and ominous ancient Night Elf sculptures were actually sort of a letdown after the terrifying beauty of the Nighthold… where everything is so well preserved… the intricate beauty of its spires and arches were such a magnificent juxtaposition to the fury of the bosses that pummeled you.

C-JwuuEW0AAN0hT.jpgSometimes, while waiting for raid time, I’ll find myself flying away from tomb to land on Krosus’s bridge. And I’ll oscillate between looking back at Nighthold and forward at Tomb and I already have nostalgia over the Suramar instance… even while I was so ready to get out of it by the time June came around. The old feeling of longing and the fresh awe of a return trip to the zone when you’ve not been down in awhile is refreshing after you spend time on Argus or the Broken Shore.

And now, here we are with probably just a bit over a month until Arthritis… er… Antnortussis.. no.. Antorus… yeah (I literally called it Arthritis for a week until I could remember the name). That’s it. So, I’m honestly really looking forward to it. And all my interest is in learning these new clashes. Something about fighting members of the pantheon gives me goosebumps. Here we are saving the souls of those that created us. As the dragons told us in Cata, it really is the time of the mortals if we are saving our creators. The lore is going to be rich here, and now our characters are at the heart of it, they will be the heroes of the stories that they’re great great grandtoons would grow up with. We’re not fighting avatars and ghosts and right hand men this time. We are taking it to the bigwigs themselves.

eonar.jpgAnd I won’t spoil anything for people who aren’t peeking but that Eonar wing… hoooooooly moooooooooly. If for nothing else, I can’t wait to get in there and run through those hallways and across that lush greenery. Even if she turns out to be the scariest boss in there… it will be a glorious place to eat dirt until rez for sure.

Also, here we are at the end of the expac and even if you haven’t accidentally seen all of the spoilers WoWhead has thrown out there about what happens next, I think you’ll be alright. Take it from some one who stopped caring about spoilers for herself with the release of Tomb: you’re not going to be disappointed. Your focus and your character’s focus will be clear cut and you are going to buy in 100%. I’m more than excited to hopefully be moving on from our Fel-filled big baddies and onto what might be the heart of the problem.

You got my interest back, Blizzard. Let’s do this…..


Author: Rook

Living. Trying to learn how to draw. Playing WoW and in general feeling ok with myself for the first time in nearly a decade!

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